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Happi Doggy Dental Chew Care

$7.60 SGD  $5.00 SGD

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*Limited to 1 bundle (includes 4 different flavours) per request

*Limited to 1 household address per sample request

Size: 4"

Choose an award-winning dental chew brand that has powerful cleansing abilities, tastes great, and makes your dog happy and robust. Happi Doggy® Care dental chews brings benefits for your canine, whether it’s for their joints, skin, fur coat, or gut. Just one chew or two per day is sure to encourage more quality time and love between you and your furry friend!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Hugs and kisses can smell like strawberries!

I love that it comes in different flavours! I mean hugs and kisses can smell like strawberries or somedays mint!

Really happy

My dogs go crazy everytime some one say the word happy at home.
It is quite funny but when we say happy loudly they will come running to us!

Piksan Chan
Keep my dog's teeth clean

Happi Doggy chew is good way to help my dog beat boredom and keep his teeth clean.

Saving your furniture

Finally my dog stopped chewing on my sofa. I will need to get a carton of this! My dog loves the one with honey and coconut oil.

Barfy Barf
Safe for sensitive stomachs

my dog has an extremely sensitive stomach, to the point where she can’t even have kibble, and these are great for that! Almost everything makes her sick, but this really works out for her.

Happi Doggy

Hey hooman, are you ready to take the pampering to the next level?! Bursting with so much flavour and natural goodness, Happi Doggy® dental chews ensure your furry friend is kept happy and in the pink of health both orally and bodily!

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