Catnibbs Product Benefits

Catnibbs Tuna for Strong Immunity  

Key Benefits 


Tuna is a good source of selenium and helps strengthen a cat’s immunity.


Catnibbs Salmon for Shiny Coat 

Key Benefits


Salmon is rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that promote a healthy, shiny coat and reduce fur shedding. These nutrients also promote flexible joints and help the cats stay energized and sprightly  


Catnibbs Chicken for Dental Health 

Key Benefits 


Chicken is a high-value essential amino acid source and helps support muscle growth and body tissue repair. Chicken is a highly digestible lean protein that supports easy nutrient absorption. 


Provides antibacterial support, potent antiseptic properties, and natural fresheners to give your cat kissable breath. 


Catnibbs Bonito for Vitality 

Key Benefits 


Bonito fish is rich in Vit B12. This essential nutrient helps in red blood cell formation, promoting increased energy and protecting the nerves and brain cells from damage. 


Additional Benefits 

Fish Oil  

Rich in DHA & EPA. Supports brain and retinal development in young cats and improves cognitive function in seniors. Reduces body inflammation, and eases arthritis pain.  

Coconut Oil  

Rich in Vitamin E & Omega-6. Possess antimicrobial properties that promote a luscious coat for cats.  


An edible emulsifier. Helps breakdown existing hairballs and minimizes the formation of new ones. It also possesses antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system, and keeps skin and coat healthy.  

Brewer's Yeast  

A type of yeast used as a probiotic to aid digestion. A source of B vitamins and protein.  


Provides nutrients to the good bacteria in the gut that support healthy digestion and immunity.  


An essential amino acid for cats. Important for normal brain, eye, heart, digestion, immunity function, and to maintain fetal development.