Daily Delight Cat Wet Food Tube (Jelly Series) Product Benefits

Skipjack Tuna White with Carrot in Jelly
- Controls spread of infections 
- Provides phytonutrients that protect the heart

Skipjack Tuna White with Cheese in Jelly
- Packed with Calcium, Vitamin D3 and K2 
- Aids in balancing pH levels for good oral health

Skipjack Tuna White with Sardine in Jelly
-Recipe that is rich in Omega and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) 
-Promotes healthy heart circulation

Skipjack Tuna White with Sasami in Jelly
- Supports growth and cellular functions 
- Ideal for weight loss diets

Skipjack Tuna White with Shirasu in Jelly
- Ideal for cats following a calorie-controlled diet 
- Full of Vitamin E to assist in regeneration of skin and coat

Skipjack Tuna White with Sweet Corn in Jelly
- Aids vision, skin health and muscle growth 
- Brimming with Carotenoids to enhance immune system function and inhibit the development of certain cancers

Mousse with Tuna
Mousse: Creamy and velvety to satisfy even the most discerning cats
- Crafted with minimal ingredients
- Great for cats with low thirst drive
- Suitable for syringe-feeding
- Suitable for kittens, recovering cats, cats with poor appetite, seniors and geriatric cats of all life stages  and breeds
- NO Carrageenan
- NO Plant-based proteins
- NO By-products or fillers
- NO Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives