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boneve Air-Dried Dog Treats

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Air-dried dog treats, made in New Zealand. boneve used slow and gentle air-drying on premium meat to protect its freshness and essential nutrients. High-protein, low-fat and grain-free for your dog to achieve peak health.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Esther A
My dog loves it!

Easy to chew ribs that my dog loves. Not very tough and quickly breaks down to pieces.

My dog says Yum

He loves the ears and the beef and cheese!
Have to say the beef and cheese treats smell great.

Fussy pup loves it!!

Finally found a treat that my pup loves!!


From the pristine landscape of New Zealand comes boneve. With Kiwi farmers believing in the goodness of nature and its favourable influence on animals and mankind, livestock roam cage-free and stress-free, infusing a serene joy within them that translates to an elevated quality of their produce. Hypoallergenic, high in local and single sourced animal protein, and complemented with rosehip and Manuka honey, your pets will get to consume and enjoy a natural diet made from only the very best of New Zealand in every bag.

Find out more about boneve