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Boneve Freeze-dried Dog Food

$24.90 SGD  $12.50 SGD

Limited to ONE sample request per household address

Size: 100g

The first freeze-dried food with the full suite of B-vitamins supplemented.

From the pristine landscape of New Zealand, where livestock roams cage-free and stress-free, comes boneve Freeze-Dried Raw Prey dry food for dogs of all breeds and life stages. Made with up to 98.8% free-range meat, organs, and bones loaded with nutrient-rich enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Supplemented with Vitamin B Complex for better metabolism, healthy organ function, and enhanced cognitive skills. Enriched with Rosehip for excellent joints, skin, and coat. A natural recipe crafted from only the best of New Zealand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Beef & hoki

We are transitioning our baby to freeze dried food & we are just glad that she loves her beef & Hoki!

Great alternative to fresh food

We give fresh cooked food to our dog Kookie however it can be a hassle to bring out if we intend to travel. Boneve freeze dried option is much easier to handle on the go and the first ingredients are all real meats hence less filler ingredients which is good for our furkids! Kookie loves the taste too hence it is go to for alternative choice and food on the go. Highly recommended!

Premium Food! My Furkids Loved it!

Ordered the Beef and Hoki freeze dried for my dachshund furkids. They loved it! What I liked about it is less odour, poop not smelly and good for complexion. Highly recommended.

great topper

we used this as a topper rather than for actual meals, but it added an enticing smell to my dog’s meal!

Love it!

Lupin loves freeze dried food and this is one of her favorites! Love that the packaging is small so that we can easily carry it around!


From the pristine landscape of New Zealand comes boneve. With Kiwi farmers believing in the goodness of nature and its favourable influence on animals and mankind, livestock roam cage-free and stress-free, infusing a serene joy within them that translates to an elevated quality of their produce. Your pets will get to consume and enjoy a natural diet made from only the very best of New Zealand in every bag.

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