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Daily Delight Happea Litter

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Size: 8L

Daily Delight Pea Fibre Litter is made from 100% sustainably-sourced pea fibre. It’s fast-clumping ability creates solid clumps that effectively neutralise odour and absorb 3x more liquid than tofu fibre. Our pea litter is infused with fresh fruit extract, keeping the litter pan odour-free and gentle to the nose.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Cheryl Tan
Love it!

Love the super cool packaging and how nifty the handle is for easier refilling of the litter box . Great that there’s minimal tracking and almost no dust as compared to other brands. Great clumping effect too which makes clearing and cleaning the litter box much easier! Overall a great product!

Happy to be a happea-fan!

Happea litter is so delicate, the litter are much thinner, absorbs pee faster and has a pleasant smell even with pee! I must say booboo’s paw smells so nice after stepping out of the litter 😂 I’m so in love with cute-cumber!!!

Great smelling and clumping litter!

Got the watermelon scent and I’m really happy with the purchase. Took a second to get used to the scent but it’s overall very pleasant. The best part of the litter is how well it clumps and how minimal the dusting is. Will continue buying this!

Joy Tan
Best litter we’ve use

After trying several brands of cat litter, I must say that Daily Delight Happea Litter has truly impressed us. Its remarkable odor control sets it apart from the rest. What’s even better is that it’s completely dust-free, providing a clean environment for our furry friend. The exceptionally fast clumping action is a game-changer, making cleanup a breeze. Without a doubt, Daily Delight Happy Litter is currently the best choice for us!

Love this litter!

It’s been about 2 weeks since we tried Happea Litter and we’re really pleased with it. It smells really fruity with its natural ingredients and covers up the smell from the pee and poo really well. There was once we even forgot to clear the litter because there was no smell at all. Our previous one gave off a pungent ammonia smell if we forgot to clear the litter, especially because of the pee, but we no longer have this problem with Happea Litter!
The clumping is great too, it doesn’t break apart when we scoop so we don’t have to keep scraping the remnants from the tray.
We highly recommend Happea Litter!

Daily Delight

Daily Delight’s tasty and nutritious meals are perfect for keeping your feline friend happy and healthy. Made with pure and tasty chunks of all-natural meat sure to make your cat purr with delight!

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