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Welcome to our exclusive Skippin' Stars Product Request feature!

As a valued member of our Skippin' Stars program, you have the opportunity to choose any 6 products from our delightful range each month. Once you've completed the posting guidelines for the current month, you can request another set of products for the following month. We believe in empowering our Skippin' Stars with the flexibility to select the products that best suit their content creation needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable collaboration experience. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to create pawsitive moments together!

*Please note that this page is exclusively dedicated to our esteemed Skippin' Stars members only.

We're excited to collaborate with you and provide our delightful products for your content creation. To ensure that our key messages and product benefits are effectively communicated, you can include the following pointers in your posts:

 Happi Skippi Catnibbs

 Play Ideas:

  • Highlight creative and fun ways to play with Catnibbs.
  • Showcase interactive play sessions with your cat.
  • Mention how Catnibbs can be used as a treat during playtime to enhance the bonding experience.

Dental Benefits:

  • Catnibbs helps to clean teeth because of its soft and chewy texture.

Pill Pocket Use:

  • Show how Catnibbs can be molded into a pill pocket for easy medication administration.
  • Highlight the convenience and ease of giving pills using Catnibbs.

Happi Skippi Dental Chews

Dental Health:

  • Emphasize the dental health benefits of our dental chews, such as helping to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Mention how they help maintain healthy teeth and gums, and freshen breath.

Before/After Comparison:

  • Include before and after visuals or stories demonstrating the effectiveness of the dental chews on your pet’s dental health.
  • Share any noticeable improvements in oral hygiene and overall well-being.

Fun and Enjoyment:

  • Capture moments of your pet enjoying the dental chews.
  • Highlight the flavor and enjoyment aspect, showing how much your pet loves the chews.

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Happi Skippi

Whether it’s with a mlem or a blep, pets everywhere love our wide range of treats and dental chews, not just because of their delicious flavours but also for the goodness they come with! Give your precious furballs Happi Skippi, wholesome and yummy snacks that are so utterly tasty and satisfying they will be pawing for more. No nasties – just pure and irresistible goodies they deserve.

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