Daily Delight Cat Wet Food Tube (Pure Series) Product Benefits

Skipjack Tuna White & Chicken with Baby Clam
- Low on contaminants and calories
- Ideal for fussy and weight-watching cats

Skipjack Tuna White & Chicken with Pumpkin
- Filled with superfood, Pumpkin, to help with hairball issues
- Promotes shiny coat

Skipjack Tuna White & Chicken with Salmon
- Omega fatty acids that support skin cells and reduce excessive shedding
- Get a boost in heart and joint health! Ideal for active felines!

Skipjack Tuna White & Chicken with Sea Bream
- Highly palatable and a healthy substittue for red meat
- Offers a considerable amount of folic acid, Vitamin B9 and B12

Skipjack Tuna White & Chicken with Shrimp
- Filled with antioxidant support for both nervous and musculoskeletal systems
- Loaded with protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B3, and zinc

Skipjack Tuna White & Chicken with Squid
- Maximises nutrient absorption and speeds up metabolism
- Recipe crafted to provide skin and coat support

Mousse with Chicken
Mousse: Creamy and velvety to satisfy even the most discerning cats
- Crafted with minimal ingredients
- Great for cats with low thirst drive
- Suitable for syringe-feeding
- Suitable for kittens, recovering cats, cats with poor appetite, seniors and geriatric cats of all life stages and breeds

- NO Carrageenan
- NO Plant-based proteins
- NO By-products or fillers
- NO Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives