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Daily Delight Cat Wet Food (Pure Series)

$12.10 SGD  $9.90 SGD

*Free delivery!

*7 delightful flavours! Includes all 6 Pure series + 1 FREE Mousse with Tuna or Chicken

*Limited to 1 bundle (6 cans of Pure series + 1 FREE Mousse of choice per request)

*Limited to 1 household address per sample request

Size: 80g/can

We will replace with another flavour if one is not available.

We love our cats, so we want only the best for them. Why not give your feline a delicious, nourishing meal that provides not fillers, but real meat in every bite? Open a can of Daily Delight Pure, packed with tasty chunks of all-natural meat for your cat’s delight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pierre Lim
my cats love it!!!

finished it within 1 min!!!


Our boys have daily delight DAILY. We love the many flavours they come in and our boys look forward to their wet food everyday! We also like that each can is filled with hydration and goodness!

Rocky & Rollie

Love the array of flavours available, such that our cats won't get bored! 😃
They particularly prefer the wet food series, and will finish every bit of it after mealtime! Highly recommended! 👍🏻

Slurping away..

My feline friend simply can't contain her excitement when it's mealtime, and this cat food has definitely become her new obsession.

One of the things that truly stands out about this product is the real meat content. Every time I open a pouch, I'm greeted with the sight of succulent shrimp pieces that look just as good as the real thing. It's satisfying to know that I'm giving my cat a meal that contains genuine and high-quality ingredients. As a pet owner, seeing my cat enjoy her food so much brings me great joy.

Pure series

With the exception of Pumpkin & Clams, the comm cats we used to feed and my own cats like the rest of the flavors. We’re moving away from just feeding seafood to our cats now but this still serves well as a treat.

Daily Delight

All our Daily Delight recipes are produced in a factory that also makes tuna for humans! So, you can be sure that we make use of 100% human-grade ingredients. Our tuna comes from the Western Pacific Ocean, which is where the WORLD’s freshest seafood come from!

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